Installation of double-flow CMV for tertiary sector in Haut-Rhin (68)

Would you like to improve comfort and air quality while controlling the energy consumption and operating costs of your premises ?

Installing a tertiary dual-flow CMV in Haut-Rhin

This system is based on the same operating principle as single-flow ventilation: extract stale air from “humid” rooms (kitchen, treatment rooms, waiting rooms) and renew it with fresh air. The particularity of this double flow system is to make the new air enter at the same temperature as the extracted air thanks to air vents.

The advantages of installing a tertiary dual-flow CMV in Haut-Rhin

The double-flow CMV system heats or cools the air in addition to renewing it (unlike the single-flow CMV system, which lets outside air in through vents to compensate for the extracted air). The double-flow CMV system thus provides healthy indoor air that is heated or cooled, allowing a very positive energy balance (lower heating or air conditioning).

Control your dual-flow CMV with the BMS

Thanks to the BMS, control and automate your CMV from a control screen or your