Installation of tertiary reversible air conditioning in Haut-Rhin (68)

Are your customers and employees tired of the summer heat wave ?
And you want to reduce your heating bills in winter ?

Are you looking for a solution that is quick to set up, efficient and easy to use to control the temperature of one or more rooms ? Create a pleasant environment for your customers and employees thanks to reversible air conditioning !

Installation of tertiary reversible air conditioning, how does it work ?

Outdoors: Installation of a unit (cabinet of about 1m3) capable of drawing in outside air to heat or cool it as needed. Indoors: Installation of a box (wall-mounted or mobile) and connected to the outdoor unit by electrical cables and small pipes.  Once the system is in place, select your temperature in order to heat or cool your business premises quickly and efficiently.

The advantages of professional reversible air conditioning

This solution is the simplest and quickest climatic solution to install. It is also the most modular solution:
You want to control the temperature of a single room?
Choose the installation and the installation of reversible air conditioning monosplit in Haut-Rhin
You want to control the temperature of several rooms?
Choose the installation and installation of multisplit reversible air-conditioning in Haut-Rhin

Control your reversible air conditioning with the BMS

Thanks to the BMS, control and automate your reversible air conditioning from a control screen or your cell phone! For more information visit our BMS Climate page.

Want to take the plunge ? Questions about the different models or how to install these systems ? About our maintenance contracts ? Don't hesitate to contact us !
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