Installation of electric heaters and radiators for tertiary sector professionals in Saint-Louis, Mulhouse and Haut-Rhin (68)

Are you looking for an ideal solution for one or more rooms in your business premises ? To complement your existing radiators ? Electric heating offers many advantages for small shops, offices or waiting rooms.

Reactive and smar : thermostat, window detection and automation. Thanks to a large number of intelligent features the electric radiator is even more responsive than the heat pump!
Simplicity and price : simple to use and very affordable.
Healthy et clean : carbon impact is low in France where electricity production is very decarbonized thanks to nuclear power.
Ease of maintenance : the need for maintenance is almost non-existent and there is no legal obligation.
Design : discreet and design, there is something for everyone !
Security : electric heating is safe with the right equipment and well installed.

Sundgau Electricity offers you different types of electric radiators (soft heat radiator, radiant heat radiator), towel dryers (electric, mixed and hot water) and radiant heat flooring.

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